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Sustainability concerns everyone, and institutions of higher education have a unique opportunity to prepare the next generation for the environmental difficulties ahead. Students who learn sustainable principles and bring their knowledge to their communities will be vital to the vast societal transformation that will need to occur in the coming decades to enable humanity to continue to thrive on Earth. The colleges in this collection not only do a great job of teaching their students sustainable practices, they also work in their communities, and spread information via the web through their sustainability-focused websites. These institutions deserve credit for the work they already do, and encouragement to continue deepening their commitment to sustainability.


  1. Boston University

    Boston University

    Sustainability@BU is Boston University’s impressive program that focuses on seven areas regarding energy conservation, climate planning, communications, food, among others. They’ve been awarded for reducing greenhouse gasses ahead of schedule and are continuously doing more work to stay established as leaders.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @sustainableBU
  2. American University

    American University

    American University’s Office of Sustainability works throughout Washington D.C. to live the values they champion regarding sustainability. The school is currently in the midst of an overhaul that will see the university sourcing 50% of their electricity from solar sources.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @GreenAU
  3. Bucknell University

    Bucknell University

    Bucknell University is sure to illustrate exactly how they’re contributing to creating a sustainable campus and also provides great links regarding campus greening. Additionally, in 2007, the environmental center overhauled a plants garden to increase students’ access to increasing the amount of green on campus.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @BucknellU
  4. St. Lawrence University

    St. Lawrence University

    St. Lawrence University’s Sustainability Semester encourages students to tackle complex environmental issues by living in a house and working on converting the building and grounds into a structure no longer dependent on fossil fuels, while also taking other measure to work towards sustainability. Additionally, they send students to Boston for two weeks to further learn about urban sustainability.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @StLawrenceU
  5. Gateway Community College

    Gateway Community College

    GateWay Community College is a member of the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education and works on an impressive number of sustainability measures. From paper and plastic recycling to a reflective roof coating to improve building temperatures, they’re active in the pursuit for a more sustainable campus.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @gatewayaz
  6. Allegheny College

    Allegheny College

    Alleghany College has developed distinguished sustainability initiatives and continue to push forward on the different ways they’re improving the campus. The school recently completed an innovative green roof on their center for communication arts and encourages students to get more involved on these measures.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @alleghenycol
  7. Bard College

    Bard College

    Bard College’s Office of Sustainability shows how the college is working to improve sustainability measures while also providing their current RecycleMania ranking. This ensures Bard is as transparent as possible regarding sustainability and leads by example.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @BARDCollege
  8. St. Mary’s College of Maryland

    St. Mary's College of Maryland

    St. Mary’s College of Maryland uses an informative news section to detail all the different measures taken to innovate regarding sustainability. The university has also been recognized as a sustainability leader by the Maryland Green Registry.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @StMarysMD
  9. Pennsylvania State University

    Pennsylvania State University

    The sustainability page from Penn State features some of the most comprehensive content on the list by starting with a user-friendly interface that routes users to “learn”, “live”, and “lead” sections. Through this innovative layout, they’re able to best illustrate the numerous sustainability courses at the university, along with countless outreach programs and useful information detailing how to get further involved.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @sustainPSU
  10. Cornell University

    Cornell University

    Cornell University’s Sustainable Campus page articulates the ways they’re engaging in a wealth sustainable practices campus-wide, featuring 1 Platinum and 8 Gold LEED buildings. They’re active in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and since 2008, they’ve decreased emissions levels by 32%. Not only do they work on an impressive number of sustainable initiatives, but they also host great events and training courses designed to invigorate communities.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @SustainCornell
  11. University at Buffalo

    University at Buffalo

    University of Buffalo Sustainability shows how comprehensive they’ve become regarding building a culture locally over the last 30 years. The site is dense with useful tools and information while still emphasizing that the best way to come up with lasting solutions is through important research.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @UBGreen
  12. Dickinson College

    Dickinson College

    Sustainable Dickinson understands that their mission isn’t merely about the environment- they’re committed to endorsing sustainability practices that result in benefits socially, financially, and of course, environmentally. The page also shows how energy conservation competitions between dormitories have been able to yield impressive results.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @CSE_Dickinson
  13. Syracuse University

    Syracuse University

    Syracuse University remains steadfast in their commitment to sustainability by hosting workshops, installing a climate change garden, and working a number of research projects aimed at ensuring the cleanest environment possible. The sustainability page showcases the impressive number of initiatives the university has implemented, including energy consumption, recycling, transportation, and more.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @SustainableSU
  14. Luther College

    Luther College

    Sustainability at Luther College shows a refined vision from a school committed to implementing sustainable practices now that will reap benefits in the long and short-term. Their page includes useful tips on have to live more sustainably, along with a wealth of other useful information.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @luthercollege
  15. Tufts University

    Tufts University

    The Office of Sustainability at Tufts University details university-wide programs, along with information on eco-ambassadors, eco-representatives, and much more. With separate programs for students and faculty, they’re able to best address sustainability.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @TuftsOOS
  16. Williams College

    Williams College

    Williams College makes it easier to understand the work being done regarding sustainability by emphasizing transparency across campus. Their “Track Our Energy Use” page allows users to see how each building specifically is consuming power.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account:
  17. Colby College

    Colby College

    Colby College has a great sustainability page that also encourages alumni to be active in making the school better for the long-term. Lush with events and intent on fostering a great culture, the school has been a huge part in making sustainability a much more enticing endeavor.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @ColbyCollege
  18. University of Vermont

    University of Vermont

    The University of Vermont understands that everyone is affected by climate change. With this in mind, they take an approach to sustainability that encourages students of all majors to get involved. From ridding campus of unnecessary bottled water to encouraging students to contribute worthwhile ideas, the university is active in reshaping sustainability culture.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @sustainableuvm
  19. Bates College

    Bates College

    Bates College Sustainability has numbers to support the important work they’re doing, namely recycling more than 80% of dining waste and maintaining a commitment to buy food local when possible. They’re working to get students to do more to enact change around campus and around the world after being finished at Bates.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account:
  20. New York University

    New York University

    New York University features a colorful sustainability page that shows how their programs like bike sharing, grants, and reducing waste have been successful. Their bike share features over 2,500 members, which shows the impressive number of students committed to bettering their campus and community overall.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @nyuniversity
  21. Carnegie Mellon University

    Carnegie Mellon University

    Carnegie Mellon is well-versed in sustainable design, which has been paramount in creating a long-term plan for the university and Pittsburgh as a whole. Their page also features content that details their commitment to green economic development.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @CarnegieMellon
  22. University of Rochester

    University of Rochester

    Sustainability @ The University of Rochester has great news on films being brought to the school regarding sustainability, along with various research proposals and useful degree programs offered. The university has been awarded numerous times for their efforts and features useful content to check out.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @UofR
  23. Dartmouth College

    Dartmouth College

    Featuring a very engaging front page, The Dartmouth Sustainability Project is a great place to understand the university’s commitment to sustainable initiatives. Additionally, viewers can access a high quality movie and a useful page that details what is recyclable and what isn’t.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @dartmouth
  24. Wellesley College

    Wellesley College

    Wellesley College uses sustainability as a lens through which all decisions are made regarding the school. Not only does the school work on various campus programs, they also work with communities in Guatemala.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @Wellesley
  25. Brandeis University

    Brandeis University

    Brandeis University has shown great efforts regarding sustainability, particularly through the creation of a sustainability fund, active involvement in climate change prevention, recycling, and more. Their section on news and events makes sure to keep individuals updated on the latest the school is doing.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @BrandeisU
  26. Mount Holyoke College

    Mount Holyoke College

    Mount Holyoke’s page on Environmental Sustainability shows how back in 2000, they established stringent standard to strive for a greener campus and more informed student body. Featuring tabs that detail environmental indicators, eco-reps, and grounds practices, many will find the page useful.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @mtholyoke
  27. Babson College

    Babson College

    Babson has developed significant resources for addressing the complex needs related to reducing fossil fuel use and ultimately making the school carbon neutral. The school has bottle-filling stations and works with the community and student groups to further the work being done.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @BabsonSustain
  28. Adelphi University

    Adelphi University

    Adelphi University has worked on many different initiatives from decreasing fossil fuel reliance to finding innovative new forms of energy to capitalize on. They’ve been featured many times for their work in becoming a greener campus.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @AdelphiU
  29. Harvard University

    Harvard University

    Harvard often excels in academia and their work on sustainability is no different. From innovative case studies to green ideas regarding technology, they’re consistently working to stay ahead of academia in general on sustainability.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @GreenHarvard
  30. Amherst College

    Amherst College

    Green Amherst – Sustainability explains how climate change is one of the most important issues globally, not only for the sake of the environment, but for budgets as well. The site features an impressively comprehensive display of materials, including the “Amherst Footprint”, a carbon inventory, water conservation, and more.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @AmherstCollege
  31. Yale University

    Yale University

    Yale Sustainability emphasizes transparency from the university regarding all the efforts they’re doing regarding sustainability. The site is consistently updated with new action plans and their commitment to the latest issues in sustainability is much appreciated.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @Yale
  32. University of New Hampshire

    University of New Hampshire

    The Sustainability Institute from the University of New Hampshire is working to shape a culture around the school that is committed to sustainability long after graduating. Each section within the site, from curriculum and operations to engagement, shows how they’re working to better inform policymakers on the latest issues.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @SustainableUNH
  33. Northeastern University

    Northeastern University

    Sustainability@Northeastern is the portal through which individuals can see the various tasks that Northeastern University is doing to emphasize a commitment to improving the environment and quality of life for students overall. They were a founding member of the American College & University Presidents Climate Commitment, among other impressive actions.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @Northeastern
  34. University of Denver

    University of Denver

    The University of Denver features three LEED gold certified buildings on their campus as well as a sustainability council that is active in helping the university meet their ethical obligations. The school decided to join the Sustainability Tracking Assessment System as an effort to effect more change and increase transparency.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @sustainDU
  35. Drexel University

    Drexel University

    Drexel University focuses their sustainability work on efficiency, recycling, reduction, re-use, and education through their Drexel Green program. The site is always listing worthwhile sustainability facts and how they’re working to reduce their carbon footprint across campus.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @DrexelGreen
  36. Drew University

    Drew University

    Drew University has been able to retrofit lighting for 5 buildings, which has allowed them to curb carbon emissions equal to 186 acres of forest. The school features multiple sustainability groups, including the Drew Environmental Action League, The graduate and theology student environmental group, and Students for Sustainable Food.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @SustainableDrew
  37. University of Maine

    University of Maine

    The University of Maine Office of Sustainability has an important investment in sustainability and in 2007 became a charter signatory of the American College & University Presidents’ Climate Commitment. The school features LEED Certified Buildings, extensive alternative transportation options, and more.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @GoUMaine
  38. Middlebury College

    Middlebury College

    Middlebury College Sustainability features an inviting page with a wealth of useful information regarding what they’re doing to stay at the forefront of colleges working on sustainable initiatives. Their interactive sustainability map is a great tool to see what they’re doing around the school.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account:
  39. Smith College

    Smith College

    Smith College Office of Environmental Sustainability shows how their Green Team has been an important part of sustainability while their operational initiatives details the actions currently being taken throughout the school. The school emphasizes not only student groups and activities, but also the initiatives alumnae are taking as well.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @smithcollege
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    Northwest & West

  41. Stanford University

    Stanford University

    Sustainable Stanford understand how imperative it is that sustainability become a part of everything we do. Since 1997, the university has been awarded the Clean Bay Business Award and established the Student Green Fund in 2008 to create projects with student involvement designed to create a more sustainable campus.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @Stanford
  42. Willamette University

    Willamette University

    Willamette University details their commitment to sustainability through ecological literacy, adhering to practices to make a smaller ecological footprint, and economic factors related to sustainability principles in campus operations. Recently they created the Sustainability Institute to refine the vision of the sustainability measures.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @willamette_u
  43. Portland State University

    Portland State University

    Portland State University’s Institute for Sustainable Solutions is a great site to check out for a thorough understanding of how they’re working passionately to lead in sustainability. Their timeline goes to great lengths to show all of the important work they’ve already done, while still stressing there is plenty more work to do.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @sustainablepdx
  44. Seattle University

    Seattle University

    Seattle University remains steadfast in their commitment to sustainability and was the first school in the state of Washington to remove bottled water across campus. The university even provides a four year progress report, which shows how far sustainability efforts improve at the school during a typical undergraduate career.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account:
  45. Pomona College

    Pomona College

    Pomona College illustrates their commitment to sustainability through programs such as Power Down ReCoop/Clean Sweep, a Solar Rover for generating power on their organic farm, and much more. They remain committed to environmental justice, improving facilities to become greener, and more.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @PomonaSIO
  46. Humboldt State University

    Humboldt State University

    Humboldt State University is active in waste diversion programs and the office of sustainability has two great internships for students to become better versed in sustainability issues.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @humboldtstate
  47. California Institute of Technology

    California Institute of Technology

    Caltech Sustainability is highly regarded for their commitment to cutting edge efforts for better sustainability practices. Their site breaks content down into a surprising amount of categories, which is partially how they’re able to develop such comprehensive work.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @CaltechGreen
  48. University of Oregon

    University of Oregon

    The Office of Sustainability at the University of Oregon is notable for its fantastic sustainability database that breaks down all the different ways they’re involved in increasing sustainability across the campus.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @sustainable_uo
  49. California State University

    California State University

    California State University helps students get more in tune with the latest in sustainability by pushing for the best in academic programs and green jobs. Since the issue of sustainability is one that impacts us all, they understand the importance of every student having a well-rounded comprehension of it.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @calstate
  50. De Anza College

    De Anza College

    DeAnza College empowers students to become environmental stewards and use sustainability to also become more financially responsible. Additionally, they have an eco pass program and innovative recycling program to stay on the forefront of sustainability.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account:
  51. University of Washington

    University of Washington

    The University of Washington’s Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability page features an impressive array of content, including a sustainability map, the latest environmental news, and much more. The organization developed and competed with their own EcoCAR and constantly host great events across campus.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @sustainableUW
  52. Western Washington University

    Western Washington University

    Western Washington University works ardently to be a leader in sustainability and they’re always working to implement new procedures and tactics for advancing it across campus. From vegetated roofs to waste diversion, they’ve made large amounts of progress.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @wwusustain
  53. University of San Diego

    University of San Diego

    The Office of Sustainability from the University of San Diego explains the Catholic Social Thought on their page and how the university is working to promote environmental consciousness. Their Garden Grows Community shows the scope through which they’ve remained committed to sustainability.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @usdsustain
  54. The Evergreen State College

    The Evergreen State College

    The Evergreen State College shows how the university has been able to reduce greenhouse gas emissions over the last decade and provides a great place to get more information on the various campus practices they’ve implemented to get to this point. The school’s sustainability council regularly holds meetings that detail how they can best approach the issue to stay on the forefront.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @EvergreenStCol
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  56. Bowling Green State University

    Bowling Green State University

    Bowling Green State University’s Office of Campus Sustainability strives for greater environmental stewardship through an impressive array of climate initiatives. They’ve been adamant about adhering to a University Sustainability Strategy that is working to increase the waste diversion rate to 75% by 2015.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @bgsu
  57. University of Alaska Fairbanks

    University of Alaska Fairbanks

    The University of Alaska Fairbanks features one of the oldest compost sites in Alaska and ensures that proper measures are taken to keep students active in sustainability across the campus.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @uafairbanks
  58. Warren Wilson College

    Warren Wilson College

    Warren Wilson College is leading the way in sustainability measures by developing a climate action plan, a green walkabout, and providing a sustainable practice guide. They’ve been an important part to bringing greater awareness to the issues faced today regarding the need to find long-term solutions for reducing our impact on the environment.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @WWCasheville
  59. Appalachian State University

    Appalachian State University

    Appalachian State University’s page on sustainability brings greater awareness to the issues faced today regarding the need to find long-term solutions for reducing out impact on the environment. Their page emphasizes their commitment to sustainability by keeping users updated on the latest local news regarding sustainability, along with upcoming events, and most notably, a very useful sustainable living guide.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @sustainApp
  60. Duke University

    Duke University

    Sustainable Duke has great tools for combatting climate change and learning how to become leaders in environmental stewardship. The site features a great calendar of upcoming events and a great page on their Carbon Offsets Initiative.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account:
  61. University of Georgia

    University of Georgia

    Sustainable UGA from the University of Georgia features a colorful layout and details the efforts they’re working on, ranging from composting and campus watersheds to increasing bicycle infrastructure throughout Athens, Georgia.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @SustainableUGA
  62. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

    University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

    The sustainability office from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill prompts students involvement significantly regarding sustainability and even features a very impressive interactive sustainability map. The university emphasizes transparency through a detailing of their climate action plan.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @Sustainable_UNC
  63. Elon University

    Elon University

    Elon Sustainability is committed to providing students with some of the best resources regarding sustainability practices and what can be done to strive for better measures to be implemented. The site features impressive green tips along with high quality quick links.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @SustainableElon
  64. Auburn University

    Auburn University

    The Auburn Office of Sustainability is heralded for their commitment to sustainability and was even presented the silver award from stars. Their monthly sustainability newsletter is a great resource for outlining their latest efforts.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @AUSustain
  65. Georgia Institute of Technology

    Georgia Institute of Technology

    The Brook Byers Institute for Sustainable Systems from the Georgia Institute of Technology highlights the various events faculty and students are a part of, while also detailing the latest news and awards received.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @BB_ISS
  66. Miami University

    Miami University

    The Institute for the Environment & Sustainability at Miami University works throughout the county and beyond to ensure students are best equipped to succeed in the programs they offer. From a minor to three co-majors and a master’s degree, Miami definitely offers enough programs for anyone looking to further their involvement in sustainability.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @MiamiUniversity
  67. Berea College

    Berea College

    Berea College breaks down their sustainability work into useful initiatives, operations, and resources that students, faculty, and outside viewers alike will appreciate. The school has impressive sustainability classes and a campus culture aligned with the values needed to enact real change.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @bereacollege
  68. Furman University

    Furman University

    Furman University works around the clock to find new ways to incorporate sustainability into the campus and students’ lives. The David E. Shi Center for Sustainability was established in 2008 to have an institution within the university devoted exclusively to addressing sustainability causes.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @FurmanU
  69. Eckerd College

    Eckerd College

    Sustainability at Eckerd College has a blog updated regularly that shows how the school is working to increase sustainability efforts, including car sharing and sustainability fellowships. Additionally, the school started a campus plant trail.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @eckerdcollege
  70. University of Tennessee, Knoxville

    University of Tennessee, Knoxville

    The University of Tennessee Knoxville Office of Sustainability features an attractive layout that shows how they’re working to reduce waste, conserve water, and be more active in making their community increasingly sustainable. The school also features an impressive academic program that emphasizes their commitment to educating student proficiently.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @MakeOrangeGreen
  71. Emory University

    Emory University

    Emory University has a number of sustainability initiatives outlined on their website, including sustainable food, water conservation, energy awareness, recycling, and developing sufficient alternatives for commuting. The shuttles on campus are alternatively fueled and half of them run on a biofuel blend derived from cooking oil used in hospitals and cafeterias.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @EmoryGreen
  72. Agnes Scott College

    Agnes Scott College

    The Agnes Scott College Office of Sustainability is developing all students into environmental stewards and encourages as many people to get involved as possible. The campus has three themed houses, one of them being the Eco House, which features a variety of greener amenities.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @SustainableASC
  73. Louisiana State University

    Louisiana State University

    Louisiana State University provides significant resources for their students to get involved in the various work being done around campus to foster a better environment for campus sustainability. Their “Geaux Green” campaign and Project Green Thumb are just a few ways they’re doing great work on campus.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @LSUSustain
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  75. Arizona State University

    Arizona State University

    The Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability is made up of some leading scientists working to develop increased sustainability resources. The site allows users to browse past and current research, while also looking at many different facets of their sustainability education program.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @ASUgreen
  76. University of Central Oklahoma

    University of Central Oklahoma

    The University of Central Oklahoma acknowledges that universities hold a unique responsibility to confront the challenges of climate change and develop thorough sustainability programs.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @UCOBronchos
  77. Naropa University

    Naropa University

    Naropa University stresses an education that not only urges students to live with more awareness of their actions, but also to commit themselves to purposefully working towards increased sustainability practices. The university has developed an important partnership with Eco-Cycle and continues to drive recycling efforts forward, part of which includes the doubling of recycling infrastructure in just the last year.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @NaropaU
  78. Texas A&M University System

    Texas A&M University System

    Texas A&M Sustainability details the hard work being done to educate students and the community about the importance to stay committed to sustainability. The site outlines various departments in the school and what is being done to fortify sustainability efforts.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @SustainableTAMU
  79. University of Oklahoma

    University of Oklahoma

    The University of Oklahoma’s Crimson and Green Sustainability page showcases the many ways the school is leading the way in sustainability-related causes. As the number one purchaser of renewable energy in the Big 12, they’re constantly finding new ways to make valuable contributions on this issue.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @UofOklahoma
  80. University of Colorado Boulder

    University of Colorado Boulder

    The University of Colorado Boulder breaks down all the ways they contribute to sustainability by featuring tabs that explain what they’re doing in academics, across campus, and how they’ve involved in outreach.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @CUBoulder
  81. Austin College

    Austin College

    Austin College Thinking Green encompasses the many different ways the school keeps its focus on the latest in sustainability. The college has annual residence hall energy conservation competitions, an annual GreenServe event, and many other initiatives that unite students and faculty alike.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @AustinCollege
  82. University of North Texas

    University of North Texas

    UNT Sustainability at the University of North Texas shows how their leading the way locally by establishing the Sustainable Communities Initiative to form avenues of communication with local leaders. Additionally, they were one of four schools to receive the “100,000 Strong in the Americas Grant”.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @WeMeanGreen
  83. Oklahoma State University

    Oklahoma State University

    The Office of Sustainability at Oklahoma State University takes a multidisciplinary approach to sustainability that includes instruction, research, administrative decision-making, among other ways. Through partnerships with a variety of sustainability organizations, they’ve been able to provide impressive developments throughout the campus.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @OSUgreen
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    Central & Other Regions

  85. Michigan State University

    Michigan State University

    Michigan State University outlines how they’re committed to sustainability and their website is loaded with stories, research, and other engaging content to explore. They’re currently working on ways to improve farming in Africa, while also protecting endangered species.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @BeSpartanGreen
  86. Macalester College

    Macalester College

    Sustainability at Macalester College works ardently to make the school carbon neutral and decrease waste ultimately to zero. From composting measures to the Ecohouse and Ordway Field Station, the college maintains important practices to push sustainability forward.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @Macalester
  87. University of Utah

    University of Utah

    The Sustainability Resource Center from the University of Utah shows how the school is pushing efforts forward through edible campus gardens and impressive campus green teams. Through regular events across the campus, the Sustainability Resource Center is able to educate students intently.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @UofUOS
  88. University of Missouri

    University of Missouri

    The University of Missouri’s Sustainability Office underlines the financial benefits to creating more sustainable practices, while also helping the environment. They’re active in working with many local institutions to create a sense of community involving sustainability.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @MUSustainOffice
  89. University of British Columbia

    University of British Columbia

    UBC Sustainability from the University of British Columbia features an impressive array of sustainability measures that are being done to make the university more environmentally friendly. They’re working to get sustainability included in all curriculums, make buildings greener, and even have a laboratory for sustainability research.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @sustainUBC
  90. Washington University in St. Louis

    Washington University in St. Louis

    Washington University in St. Louis does impressive work in their sustainability department to ensure carbon emissions are lowered for the sake of the climate, as well as their budget. Integrated community efforts have allowed them to foster more green efforts locally and they also feature 34 certified green offices.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @WUSTL
  91. Grand Valley State University

    Grand Valley State University

    Grand Valley State University Office of Sustainability Practices is currently in the process of overhauling their sustainability page, but already features an impressive amount of work they’re involved in, including a virtual tour featuring over 30 sustainable stops around campus. The site’s news page also features regularly updated content.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @GrandValleySCDI
  92. Oberlin College

    Oberlin College

    Oberlin College has long been committed to efforts regarding the climate and The Office of Environmental Sustainability underlines this further. Their page features high quality policy information while detailing the efforts of the resource conservation team and much more.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @OberlinOES
  93. Aquinas College

    Aquinas College

    Sustainability at Aquinas College shows the impressive work being done to push sustainability efforts forward. On the front page, they outline all the latest sustainability measures being taken.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account:
  94. Ball State University

    Ball State University

    Ball State University’s Sustainability page displays an impressive amount of content on climate change and sustainability, while being sure to detail their approaches to improving measures taken.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account:
  95. University of Michigan

    University of Michigan

    The University of Michigan Graham Sustainability Institute excels at creating lasting change that ranges from sustainability education to creating the leaders of tomorrow. They’re adamant about leading important discussions and implementing action for sustainability strategies.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @umich
  96. Ohio State University

    Ohio State University

    The Ohio State University has a reputation for excellence in sustainability and their page breaks down the various work they’re doing with sections on leadership, research, student work, and on-campus programs. As one of the top research universities in the country, their work on sustainability is well-noted for its high quality.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @OhioState
  97. University of Minnesota

    University of Minnesota

    Located in Minneapolis, a city known for its healthy citizens and sustainability infrastructure, the University of Minnesota features sustainability reports on the front page, along with useful links to check out. They emphasize extensive research and outreach for citizens around the twin cities.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @UMNews
  98. St. Olaf College

    St. Olaf College

    St. Olaf College underlines their commitment to sustainability through recycling and composting programs, sourcing local foods, and innovative community engagement tactics. Additionally, they’ve been very successful in their energy conservation efforts and in land restoration.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @StOlaf
  99. Case Western Reserve University

    Case Western Reserve University

    Case Western’s Sustainability Alliance understands how detrimental current lifestyles are on the environment, which is why they have developed significant resources for securing the future. The alliance has been around since 2009, but works with scholars to take on the responsibilities associated with sustainability.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @cwru
  100. College of Wooster

    College of Wooster

    The College of Wooster opened The Scot Center in January of 2012 and features the largest solar roof on any college facility in the country. The school has also been designated a “Tree Campus USA” by the National Arbor Day Foundation.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @WoosterEdu
  101. Carleton College

    Carleton College

    The front page of Carleton College’s Sustainability page includes great content on news around campus that explains the impressive sustainability work they’re doing across the campus. Additionally, they’ve been a finalist or winner of numerous sustainability and environmental awards.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account:
  102. Northwestern University

    Northwestern University

    SustainNU at Northwestern University makes it easier for students to get involved with sustainability measures throughout campus by providing significant resources for personally reducing their carbon imprint and much more. With a great calendar and comprehensive curriculum and research page, many will find renewed use in the available content.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @sustainNU
  103. Loyola University Chicago

    Loyola University Chicago

    Loyola University Chicago’s Institute of Environmental Sustainability has great content on the latest news regarding sustainability, along with an active involvement in bringing some of the leading sustainability speakers onto campus to discuss issues.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @SustainLoyola
  104. Purdue University

    Purdue University

    The Global Sustainability Institute at Purdue breaks down environmental issues into smaller categories, which makes it easier to refine the focus on each, as well as climate issues. The institute has an Eco partnership with China as well to establish fields of communication between opposite sides of the world.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @LifeAtPurdue
  105. Earlham College

    Earlham College

    The Sustainability Office at Earlham College has worked extensively to create lasting sustainability initiatives, including the Student Sustainability Corps. Their site emphasizes transparency by detailing their sustainability plan online and going in-depth to show how they’re helping the community around Richmond, Indiana.
    • Follow Their Twitter Account: @Sustainably_EC

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