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100 Top Experts in #eLearning and #EdTech

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The integration of education and technology has been an exciting field for decades, but the recent explosion of mobile consumer devices and wide availability of broadband Internet connections has rocketed the fields of eLearning and education technology into a new era. Smartphones, tablets, and cheap laptops have helped millions of people connect with educational opportunities and tools for self-teaching. There is a rich conversation surrounding the topics of education technology going on all over the Internet, especially on Twitter, where many of the field experts interact and share their knowledge and links to their writing on the subject.

We believe in technology’s ability to empower people to find educational opportunities and steer themselves towards success. We think everyone interested in education technology can benefit greatly by participating in the rich online conversation surrounding EdTech and eLearning. Here’s a list of some of the top experts in #eLearning and #EdTech who are sharing their wealth of information online for all to read!

Top 10

  1. Eric Sheninger

    As the NASSP Digital Principal Award Winner for 2012, Eric Sheninger is very active in the EdTech community and has spoken at conferences and authored multiple pieces, such as “Communicating and Connecting With Social Media: Essential for Principals.”

    Website: EricSheninger.com


  3. Vicki Davis

    Vicki Davis realized the importance of technology on the future of education, so she founded the Cool Cat Teacher blog to provide educators with more resources for helping students succeed. She’s also the founder of Flat Classroom, an initiative to support collaboration, communication, and interaction between students and teachers globally.

    Website: Cool Cat Teacher


  5. Steven W. Anderson

    Steven Anderson travels the country talking to teachers about the benefits of social media in the classroom and frequently speaks at educational technology conferences. He was also recently named part of the Top 50 Innovators in Education.

    Website: Blogging About the Web 2.0 Connected Classroom


  7. Tom Whitby

    Tom Whitby is the founder of EdChat, an educational twitter series that was recently recognized with an EduBlog Award. His blog also examines various issues in the EdTech world and how to confront them.

    Website: My Island View


  9. Nicholas Provenzano

    Nicholas Provenzano is the author of The Nerdy Teacher, a blog focused on the trials and tribulations of being a teacher, but also how to be more effective through social media and technological means. His blog has been awarded with a number of educational awards and is very engaging to read.

    Website: The Nerdy Teacher


  11. Kevin Corbett

    Kevin Corbett is a developer of online education programs and a longtime advocate of the integration of technology and learning. Kevin blogs regularly about eLearning, mobile learning, and the future of educational technology.

    Website: KevinCorbett.com


  13. Shelly S. Terrell

    Shelly S. Terrell is the host of a weekly webinar, Social Media Community Manager, and is the co-founder of Edchat. She works extensively to further issues in the EdTech community, as well as eLearning and education.

    Website: Shelly S. Terrell’s Live Binder


  15. Larry Ferlazzo

    Larry Ferlazzo is a high school teacher in Sacramento, California and often works with using technology to further English as a Second Language programs.

    Website: Larry Ferlazzo’s Blog


  17. Will Richardson

    Will Richardson worked as a teacher for 22 years and for the past 10, he has run weblog-ed.com and is the co-founder of Powerful Learning Practice. He’s given presentations to a variety of audiences, including speaking at a TED talk.

    Website: Will Richardson


  19. Angela Maiers

    Angela Maiers saw the potential for technology to change the education landscape and has written numerous books on education, specifically the The Passion-Driven Classroom – A Framework for Teaching & Learning. She is also the founder of Maiers Education Services.

    Website: AngelaMaiers.com



  1. Richard Byrne

    Richard Byrne uses his blog, Free Technology For Teachers, to better equip educators with resources for enhancing the effectiveness of their teaching methods. Richard is a strong advocate for supporting those involved with Ed Tech.

    Website: Free Technology For Teachers


  3. Scott Newcomb

    Scott Newcomb is a 5th grade teacher in St. Marys, Ohio and helps advance the school district’s educational technology needs by working on technology based activities to promote new ways of thinking.

    Website: St. Marys City Schools Mobile Learning Technology


  5. Adam Bellow

    Adam Bellow is the founder of eduTecher/eduClipper and is a vocal advocate of technology in the classroom. He speaks publically about education technology regularly and is highly active on Twitter and other online venues.

    Website: eduTecher


  7. Bartolo Natoli

    As a current PhD candidate in the Classics at the University of Texas at Austin, Bartolo Natoli frequently examines various elements in education technology and uses his education blog to further analyze content relevant to latin, pedagogy, and the digital humanities.

    Website: BartoloNatoli.com


  9. Beth Blecherman

    Beth Blecherman is the founder and editor of Techmamas.com, a site geared towards tech-savyy parents, as well as adults looking to gain more information about the role technology plays on the family unit. She has received numerous accolades, including Time’s top 140 Twitter Feeds.

    Website: Tech Mamas


  11. Brad Currie

    Brad Currie is very devoted to the educational technology cause and the impact of social media in school settings. He is the middle school Vice Principal and Supervisor of Instruction for the Chester School District in Chester, New Jersey and also co-founder/co-moderator of Satchat, a weekly Twitter discussion for school leaders.

    Website: BradCurrie.net


  13. Jennie Magiera

    Jennie Magiera has proven to be a very distinguished educator in the Chicago area with an impressive list of awards centered around teaching and education technology. Her blog, Teaching Like It’s 2999, is a forward-thinking forum for discussing where we should be going with EdTech, as well as helpful tips with technology and other educational advice.

    Website: Teaching Like It’s 2999


  15. Jonathan Nalder

    Jonathan Nalder works extensively in the education technology community and is the Project Officer for Learning@Hand. He founded Slide2Learn, an iPad and iPhone education forum.

    Website: jnxyz.magnt.com


  17. Monte Tatom

    Dr. Tatom is an Associate Professor at Freed-Hardeman University and is extensively involved in the education technology community. Additionally, he is also Director and Lead Qualitative Researcher for the iKnow and iLearn programs.

    Website: Monte Tatom’s Blog


  19. Rich Kiker

    Rich Kiker is the director of Online Learning for Kiker Learning, a visceral resource for technology training. Mr. Kiker is very active in technology education and uses his Twitter account as a tool for reaching a broader audience on educational issues.

    Website: Kiker Learning


  21. Curt Bonk

    Dr. Bonk is a Professor of Instructional Systems Technology in the School of Education at Indiana University and is very active in EdTech community and frequently speaks at events, such as the NSF Cyberlearning Research Summit.

    Website: World Is Open


  23. Dr. Chris R. McGee

    Dr. Chris McGee is an advocate for education technology and desires to be at the forefront of innovating new education techniques. He currently works as a curriculum coordinator for a school district in the St. Louis suburban area.

    Website: ChrisMcGee.com


  25. Christopher Pappas

    Christopher Pappas is the founder of eLearning Industry, a company focused on pursuing advancement of eLearning capabilities for enhancing the 21st century education process.

    Website: eLearning Industry


  27. Ron Houtman

    Ron Houtman is an educator for a local school district as well as Aquinas and Cornerstone Universities. He specializes in technology and learning, but also focuses on classroom engagement.

    Website: RonHoutman.com


  29. Ana Cristina Pratas

    Ana Cristina Pratas is passionate about online education and uses her Twitter page to better give a voice to those who desire to advance the community of EdTech.

    Website: CristinaSkyBox


  31. George Couros

    George Couros is very invested in innovative education techniques and currently serves as the Division Principal of Innovative Teaching and Learning in a suburban community just outside Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

    Website: GeorgeCouros.ca


  33. Ben Rimes

    Ben Rimes uses his blog, The Tech Savvy Educator, to help integrate technology into the classroom. He has a refreshing and engaging tone to his blog and takes a further look into various issues in the EdTech world.

    Website: Tech Savvy Ed


  35. Josh Stumpenhorst

    The uncanny, yet effective demeanor of Josh Stumpenhorst and his teaching methods are evident upon learning even a little about him. He was voted the Illinois Teacher of the Year and uses innovative techniques with technology to stimulate interest in the classroom.

    Website: Stump The Teacher


  37. Marina Kostina

    Marina Kostina runs the blog, Wired at Heart, which gives tips concerning education technology and online teaching for businesses. She has also authored books such as Teach Online e-guide and The Golden Climate in Distance Learning.

    Website: MarinaKostina.com


  39. David Anderson

    David Anderson is the Community Organizer for Articulate, an e-learning software company. He uses his Twitter account to provide tips and pragmatic solutions to e-learning problems.

    Website: Multimedia Learning


  41. George Joeckel

    George Joeckel is the Instructional Designer at the Center for Innovative Design & Instruction at Utah State University. His blog typically looks at issues in the education world and how to combat issues through new technological advancements.

    Website: George Joeckel


  43. Jason Haag

    Jason Haag is a fervent advocate for advancements in EdTech. He spent eight years supporting the Navy’s eLearning program and now works for the Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative. In the broad spectrum of eLearning, Jason focuses on the rapidly developing field of mobile learning.

    Website: Jason Haag’s About Me


  45. Kristen Swanson

    EdCamp Founder and author Kristen Swanson is actively involved in developing new strategies in education centered around technology. Her blog is also ranked as part of Teach 100, a daily educational blog ranking website.

    Website: KristenSwanson.org


  47. Tom Kuhlmann

    Tom Kuhlmann writes the rapid eLearning blog for Articulate.com, an eLearning software company. He helps others build eLearning courses with his advice and tips.

    Website: Rapid E-Learning


  49. Bill Ferriter

    Bill Ferriter is a teacher who also leads training on how to use blogs, wikis, and podcasts in the classroom. He often highlights the role technology will hold in the future in the classroom in his lectures.

    Website: WilliamFerriter.com


  51. Kevin Honeycutt

    Kevin Honeycutt is an experienced public speaker who gives speeches on how to be a more effective educator with technology.

    Website: KevinHoneycutt.org


  53. Bob Sprankle

    Bob Sprankle is a K-4 Technology Integrator in Wells, Maine and also has publications, podcasts, and links to workshops to provide more information relevant to the EdTech community.

    Website: BobSprankle.com


  55. Julie Lindsay

    Julie Lindsay is a presenter, workshop leader, as well as a consultant for Flat Classroom, an initiative to have a more collaborative learning experience worldwide.

    Website: Learning Confluence


  57. A.J. Ripin

    A.J. Ripin is an advocate for EdTech via mobile learning and runs MovingKnowledge.com.

    Website: Moving Knowledge


  59. Alan November

    Founder of Building Learning Communities and author Alan November is active in the EdTech community, working on various implementations to increase the productivity of programs.

    Website: November Learning



  1. Jerry Blumengarten

    Jerry Blemengarten’s blog is tailored to specific groups in the educational process, including tabs for parents, teachers, and students. The idea is to provide an intuitive resource regarding education for whoever is navigating the site.

    Website: Cybrary Man


  3. Alison Bickford

    Alison Bickford runs Connect Thinking, a website devoted to independent eLearning and social media consultancy.

    Website: Connect Thinking


  5. Tamara Lehmann

    Tamara Lehmann works as a research associate for eLearning company, Vignettes Learning. Vignettes Learning uses small, interactive lessons and short eLearning games.

    Website: Vignettes Learning


  7. Jason Solomon

    Jason Soloman is the Director of 21st Century Education, the technology department for Somerville Public Schools. He helps with technology support and instructional podcasts, as well as creating forums for discussing technology and strategies for making technology more efficient in the classroom.

    Website: Somerville Schools Technology Page


  9. Andrew Miller

    Andrew Miller has a large background in working with a number of organizations and assoications on promoting education reform by means of EdTech. He’s given a number of speeches and works with video game companies to get engaging content into schools.

    Website: AndrewKMiller.com


  11. Adam Enbar

    Adam Enbar is the founder of The Flatiron School, a full time, intensive web development program.

    Website: AdamEnbar.com


  13. Beth Crumpler

    Beth Crumpler is the editor of Adaptive Learnin, a blog that looks at innovate ways to progress education via new platforms, such as EdTech.

    Website: Adaptive Learnin


  15. Beth Lisowski

    Beth Lisowski is a technology integration coach who works on helping educators find resources that can be useful in the classroom. She also details how to use those resources in effective manners to proliferate the usage of technology in the classroom.

    Website: Educational Technology Integration Wiki


  17. Erin Klein

    Erin Klein has a master’s degree in education and her focus is curriculum and instruction. She’s worked on a number of programs that utilize technology-based activities to keep her classroom competitive with national standards.

    Website: Kleinspiration


  19. Bryan L. Miller

    Bryan L. Miller is the Director of Educational Technology for Pine Crest School. He’s been working on further implementation of iPads into the classroom and analyzing the results on learning levels.

    Website: BryanLMiller.com


  21. Brian C. Bailey

    Brian C. Bailey has spent his life thus far emersed in education, from teaching English in Japan to currently finishing his Masters in Learning and Technology. He uses his Twitter account to promote EdTech and discuss how to implement new ideas.

    Website: Brain Bailey


  23. Jesse Lubinsky

    Jesse Lubinsky is an Ed Tech professional who lives in the Hudson Valley area and runs a blog that helps instructional technologists in the area by providing a forum for discussion.

    Website: NY Tech Ed


  25. Jill Thompson

    Jill Thompson runs Inside The Classroom, Outside The Box, a blog that looks at the changes taking place on the education landscape and how to become a part of the emerging Ed Tech culture that is redefining how to learn.

    Website: Inside The Classroom, Outside The Box


  27. Paulo Simoes

    Portuguese education advocate Paulo Simoes commonly posts about the education process and how innovations can, will, or should be made in the Ed Tech community.

    Website: Paulo Simoes


  29. Sean Junkins

    Sean Junkins works with the Horry County School District to further implement mobile learning and to use technology for learning purposes. He encourages the use of technology in the classroom because of how much more engaged students get, such as in the case of Sean’s idea of using iMovie to make historical movie trailers.

    Website: HCS Mobile


  31. Kevin Tame

    Kevin Tame is a member of Teach For America as an 8th grade teacher. He uses iPads for all his students and was selected as a Regional Finalist for The Sue Lehmann Excellence in Teaching Award. His main goal is the integration of technology into the curriculum.

    Website: KEVIN TAME


  33. Cory Tressler

    Cory Tressler helps manage Digital First, the part of Ohio State University that handles the integration of technology into the university. The program has also been honored by Apple for having one of the most popular iTunes U courses.

    Website: Digital First


  35. Erin Sheffer

    Erin Sheffer runs Mentor Mob, a site dedicated to reevaluating how people learn on the Internet. Erin works on making a more accessible learning environment that is designed for all.

    Website: Mentor Mob


  37. John Graham

    John Graham advocates for the advancement of Ed Tech centered around aspects in the business world and teaching technology.

    Website: BIZED


  39. Mary Bart

    Mary Bart runs Faculty Focus, a blog centered on the contemporary educator and how to implement technological innovation into the classroom. The site not only looks at how educators can use technology with their students, but also provides online learning for the teachers.

    Website: Faculty Focus


  41. Meenoo Rami

    #EngChat is comprised of English teachers who connect every Monday at 7pm via Twitter to discusss with a guest moderator what it means to be an English teacher.

    Website: #Engchat


  43. Ray Schroeder

    Ray Schroeder is the Associate Vice Chancellor for Online Learning for the University of Illinois, Springfield Online. He works closely with individuals to promote Ed Tech and eLearning in a rapidly evolving education culture. Additionally, he has a distinguished record for innovation in regards to digital learning.

    Website: Ray Schroeder


  45. Paul Murray

    Paul Murray runs multiple publications that look at Web 2.0 and the place it will have in the emerging 21st century classroom. The primary focus is for K-12 education, but also looks at things such as museums and how they will be affected in the 21st century.

    Website: Paul Murray


  47. Sarah Eaton

    Sarah Eaton is an educator who has taught Spanish and English as a second language. She has a PhD in Educational Leadership and a Master of Arts in Spanish. Her website primarily focuses on different ways of implementing teaching techniques and frequently tweets about the role of computers in the classroom, specifically foreign language classrooms.

    Website: Literacy, Languages, and Leadership


  49. Toby Harris

    Toby Harris blogs for Saffron Interactive and his posts go over various elements on how to use social media with learning and various learning management systems.

    Website: Saffron Interactive


  51. David Hopkins

    David Hopkins is a Learning Technologist for the College of Social Sciences at the University of Leicester and works on the implementation of technology into the academic environment.

    Website: Technology Enhanced Learning Blog


  53. David Wilson

    David Wilson is the Managing Director of Elearnity, a leader in learning technology. David frequently writes articles and magazine columns and is often a contributor on the subject of eLearning.

    Website: eLearnity


  55. Mike Paul

    Mike Paul is a teacher who uses his Twitter to discuss various issues in teaching and implementation of technology to increase productivity in classrooms. He frequently tweets about how to be a better teacher and difficulties faced as a teacher.

    Website: Mike Paul


  57. Brianna Crowley

    Brianna Crowley is a teacher in Pennsylvania who blogs about her experiences as a teacher and also innovative ways to move technology into the classroom.

    Website: Red Pen Confessions


  59. Jessica Johnson

    Jessica Johnson is an elementary school principal in Wisconsin and is a co-moderator for the Wednesday night #EduChat on Twitter.

    Website: Principal J



  1. William Chamberlain

    William Chamberlain is involved in EdTech by using a blog to post his lesson plans and communicate with students outside the classroom.

    Website: Mr. C’s Class Blog


  3. Jackie Gerstein

    Jackie Gerstein’s blog is ranked #40 on the Teach Top 100 Blogs and posts on effective educational processes and how to better connect with students by enhancing the learning environment.

    Website: User Generated Education


  5. Gautam Ghosh

    Gautam Ghosh is a well-known member of the HR community who uses his website as a great forum for extending workplace-related educational resources. Gautam also gives ample advice on innovative business practices concerning technology.

    Website: Gautam Blogs


  7. Tom Vander Ark

    Book author and founder of GettingSmart.com, Tom Vander Ark is a notable figure in digital education. He also is a partner in a venture capital firm that invests in various learning content and previously served as the Executive Director of Education for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

    Website: Getting Smart


  9. Catherine Flippen

    Catherine Flippen is currently an educational technology doctoral student at the University of Florida. She spends her time researching game-based learning to gauge the effectiveness of courses.

    Website: Ctrl Alt Teach


  11. Jenifer Phillips

    Jenifer Phillips is an elementary school teacher who runs a blog focused on Ed Tech in elementary school settings. She describes the obstacles with this particular age group and provides valuable insight.

    Website: Mrs. P’s Ed Tech Talk


  13. Jenny Luca

    Jenny Luca is the Director of ICT and eLearning at Toorak College in Australia. She has received numerous awards and even gave a speech at TEDx Melbourne.

    Website: Lucacept


  15. John T. Spencer

    John Spencer is a teacher in an urban, Title One School and is currently helping pilot a 1:1 approach using Chromebooks, Kindle Fires, and iPod Touches. John works fervently in his community to ensure the education process is advancing.

    Website: edrethink


  17. John Faig

    John Faig works as a middle school math teacher and is also the technology coordinator at a private school in Connecticut. He’s an advocate for web 2.0 and classroom implementation of it.

    Website: John Faig’s Blog


  19. Jon Samuelson

    Austin-based Joe Samuelson gives speeches on iPads and their productivity in the classroom. Additionally, he gives steps on how to work towards 1:1 iPad implementation and how to increase student productivity with iPads.

    Website: iPad Sammy


  21. Jonathan Wylie

    Jonathan Wylie is a teacher of 10 years that has taught in the UK and America. Currently, he teaches in Eastern Iowa and works on finding the best way to integrate technology into the classroom. He sees the strong avenue with Chromebooks and their application in the classroom as something necessary to promote education in the future.

    Website: Jonathan Wylie: Instructional Technology Consultant


  23. Jose’ Picardo

    Jose Picardo works as a languages teacher at Nottingham High School and runs the award-winning blog Box of Tricks. He has a Masters in ICT and Education and his passion is to be an innovative teacher and use technology to enhance the academic environment.

    Website: Network.Ed


  25. Judy Arzt

    Judy Arzt’s blog, Computers in the Classroom is a great website for becoming better informed on the rapidly changing landscape of education and the role technology plays in it. Her posts are very relevant to the Ed Tech community and looks at interesting questions in posts like “What Does It Mean to Be Literate in the 21st Century.”

    Website: Computers in the Classroom


  27. Justin Talmadge

    Justin Talmadge uses his blog to describe his thoughts on the changing landscape of education and the power technology has to move learning forward.

    Website: Course Change Blog


  29. Kelly Walsh

    Kelly Walsh’s website, Emerging Ed Tech is a tool for making learning more engaging through the use of technology. The blog posts also highlight Ed Tech-related news stories.

    Website: EmergingEdTech


  31. Mark Brumley

    Mark Brumley’s blog is devoted to giving great advice for teachers to help them provide the best education possible to students. He also posts regularly on Web 2.0 tools, along with tips and tricks.

    Website: Teach Amazing!


  33. Daniel Edwards

    Daniel Edwards posts on technology in classrooms and how to get teachers up to speed with the rapidly evolving technology more commonly used in classrooms. Posts are in depth and look at iPad and social media use in schools.

    Website: syded


  35. Abbey Sullivan

    Abbey Sullivan works promoting the application of mobile and digital formats in classrooms and writes a blog for Dyknow, a classroom and interactive software company.

    Website: Dyknow.com’s Blog


  37. Jason Elsom

    The Principal is an aggregate of various education sites and compiles only the most relevant stories. Jason’s Twitter page includes much more Ed Tech content.

    Website: The Principal


  39. David Wees

    David Wees’s blog presents thoughts on education and the various implications of technology in education. The blog includes presentations, various publications, and projects to view as well.

    Website: DAVID WEES


  41. Jeff Herb

    Jeff Herb runs Instructional Tech Talk, a website devoted to new information about advancing instructional technology. The site posts articles, podcasts, and even has giveaways.

    Website: Instructional Tech Talk


  43. Kyle Pace

    Education Week Magazine named Kyle Pace a 2013 ‘Leader to Learn From’ and he’s an Instructional Technology Specialist near Kansas City, Missouri. His website looks at various aspects of the Ed Tech community.

    Website: Kyle Pace


  45. Tim Stahmer

    Tim Stahmer works as an IT Specialist for the Office of Instructional Technology Integration in Virginia, just outside of Washington DC. Assorted Stuff has a variety of information relating to Ed Tech and has a page of posts dedicated specifically to it.

    Website: Assorted Stuff


  47. Diane Main

    Diane Main is passionate about students receiving the skills they need to succeed and so she took up an interest in educational technology. Her website highlights various presentations and handouts that are helpful for Ed Tech related activities.

    Website: Diane Main’s Portfolio


  49. Doug Levin

    Doug Levin is the Executive Director of State Educational Technology Directors Association and is an ardent supporter of the Ed Tech movement. He often tweets about different issues that teachers face and how technology will increase the accessibility of learning.

    Website: Doug Levin


  51. Sam Gliksman

    Sam Gliksman runs iPads in Education, a website devoted to showcasing the benefits in education of using an iPad. He also wrote iPad in Education for Dummies.

    Website: iPads in Education


  53. Steve Hargadon

    Steve Hargadon looks at various issues in the educational world, along with technology and social media influences on education. He uses his website to conduct interviews, podcasts, and speaks at various Ed Tech events.

    Website: Steve Hargadon


  55. Steve Wheeler

    Steve Wheeler uses this blog to post about learning technology and the benefits of using technology for education.

    Website: Learning with e’s


  57. David Kapuler

    Technology Tidbits looks at different sites and applications relevant to technology and learning and analyzes different elements that can be beneficial to education.

    Website: Technology Tidbits: Thoughts of a Cyber Hero


  59. Ron Owston

    Ron Owston is a professor of education at York University in Toronto, Ontario. He often writes papers and in journals about education and its connection to technology.

    Website: Ron Owston

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