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Online Learning

How will you obtain a higher education? Some major headlines in 2009 already play on the fears about how to pay for a higher education. Press releases from colleges want to quell those fears about monies for college, and politicians have introduced legislation to make education more affordable.

The desire to lure students into college is strong across the globe, and many colleges have learned that education no longer belongs to a select few who can afford a degree. “Flat education,” or education provided for the masses via the Internet has become commonplace over the past few years, and open courseware projects abound on the Web. [click to continue…]

Petite USB drives, already handy for carrying data, are becoming more useful and powerful. The open-standard platform of the U3 smart technology from a company called U3 allows users to securely run U3-compliant applications without leaving a trace of data on the host computer. This new technology is available for any PC, and apps for this utility, in addition to regular USB drives, are included in our list of 51 productive and petite apps that every student should put on their USB drive. [click to continue…]

Top 50 Free Open Courseware VIDEO Collections

by Linda on February 01, 2013

Video collections can offer hours of entertainment, but they also can provide users with hours of education. YouTube offers a venue for many college videos, for instance. If you go to that link and type in, “University of Michigan lectures,” you can find many lectures offered by Richie Hawtin — an English-Canadian electronic musician and internationally-touring DJ who was an influential part of Detroit techno’s second wave of artists in the early 1990s. In these videos, Hawtin discusses how technology is changing the way music is played, produced and experienced. [click to continue…]

The Educator’s Guide to Using Google Buzz

by admin on March 10, 2010

One of the latest social media applications that has been getting a great deal of buzz is…Google’s Buzz. Google rolled out Buzz not too long ago, with the hope that it would become the next be social media thing. Google is hoping that the fact that Gmail users automatically access Buzz will help it continue. Also helping is the fact that Buzz makes it easy to connect Buzz to other social media feeds, creating a hub of sorts for your various social media accounts, including Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and your Blogger profile. [click to continue…]

Top 50 Online Education Blogs

by admin on August 04, 2009

Thanks to the Internet, learning and education are becoming possible to nearly anyone. No longer is it necessary to sit in a classroom or follow the accepted methods of teaching that many of us are familiar with. Instead, it is now possible to learn what we want, when we want and at our own pace. Additionally, it is possible to use the Internet to complement more traditional forms of learning and supplement what is learned in school. If you want to get into online education and learning, here are 50 blogs that can help you find your way: [click to continue…]