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by admin on August 04, 2009

Thanks to the Internet, learning and education are becoming possible to nearly anyone. No longer is it necessary to sit in a classroom or follow the accepted methods of teaching that many of us are familiar with. Instead, it is now possible to learn what we want, when we want and at our own pace. Additionally, it is possible to use the Internet to complement more traditional forms of learning and supplement what is learned in school. If you want to get into online education and learning, here are 50 blogs that can help you find your way:

General E-Learning Blogs

If you have a passion for learning, you can take advantage of these e-learning blogs that offer tips, techniques and valuable resources for those who are interested in self-directed learning using the power of the Internet.

  1. Moving at the Speed of Creativity presents information and helpful podcasts on more effective e-learning.
  2. Internet Time Blog provides helpful e-learning resources. This is especially geared at business e-learning, but is useful nonetheless for all online learners.
  3. Clive on Learning offers an insightful look about learning, and provides helpful hints to improving the way you engage in self-directed learning.
  4. elearnspace looks at the way people learn, and offers resources and news about e-learning.
  5. Learning and Technology offers an interesting look at how technology can help us be better learners. This blog includes information and resources, as well as discussion, on e-learning.
  6. E-Learning Queen focuses on how it is possible to use the Internet as a learning tool and resource.
  7. Stephen’s Web contains a number of interesting resources and information on e-learning and self-directed education.
  8. XplanaZine provides a contemporary look at education and learning online.
  9. Learning Reflections presents thoughtful posts and analysis on e-learning, and offers resources and help.
  10. Online Education Blog is a resource that provides information on online colleges, degrees and learning.

Learning Theory

Technology has allowed us to advance in the way we think about learning. The reason that you learn differently from someone else may have bearing on how you perform. Online learning allows you to learn in a way that suits you best. Here are some blogs about learning theory and e-learning.

  1. Informal Learning Blog is just what it sounds like — a blog devoted to helping those learn informally.
  2. Random Walk in Learning focuses on the ideas behind learning, and how to apply thoughts on learning to self-directed education.
  3. 2 Cents Worth provides insight into how the current landscape affects learning.
  4. Learning Curves offers insight into the different ways that we learn, and how to learn according to our individual needs.
  5. abject learning looks at social learning and the impact it can have on how effectively we receive education.
  6. Learnlets provides interesting observations on information processing and other issues related to online education.
  7. The Stingy Scholar offers information and resources on how you can learn on your own, for free, using the Internet.
  8. McGee’s Musings focuses on learning innovation and how to improve the way we learn.

Technology and Online Education

Technology offers amazing opportunities to enhance the way we learn. Even more traditional learning set-ups can use technology to engage in online education. Here are some blogs about online education technology.

  1. Remote Access offers some helpful information on technology that can help any number of people access education resources, no matter where they are.
  2. Ed-Tech Insider provides helpful information for those who are looking for ways to incorporate online education into the learning environment.
  3. Weblogg-ed focuses on how online learning can complement other types of learning.
  4. Derek’s Blog looks at how technology can impact learning, and how it can enhance education.
  5. The Tech Savvy Educator contains a wealth of information on integrating online education with offline learning.
  6. Beth’s Thoughts on Technology in Education offers a great deal of information on learning and how online education tools can help increase the efficiency.
  7. A Teacher’s Life follows a teacher in her efforts to use online learning and technology to enhance learning in the offline world.
  8. The Thinking Stick provides information on online technology and how it can improve the classroom learning experience.
  9. Infomancy offers tips on how to find learning tools and information using online means.
  10. Techlearning Blog contains resources and insights into online education and learning.

Internet Tools and Online Education

If you are looking for Internet tools that can help you better employ online education and learning, you can visit these blogs to find out more about what’s available to you.

  1. Bionic Teaching offers information on Internet tools and resources that you can use in your e-learning efforts.
  2. provides excellent tools and information focused on online education. Hosted by PBS.
  3. Leigh Blackall focuses on offering up Internet tools that can help with your online education.
  4. absolutely intercultural! is a blog/podcast focusing on intercultural issues in education, and providing great tools and resources for e-learners.
  5. Infinite Teaching Machine contains tools and resources for online learning and education. Indludes multimedia.
  6. Full Circle Interaction Blog looks at the skills and tools necessary to collaborate for online learning, as well as offline learning.
  7. Digital Writing, Digital Teaching focuses on using the Internet for learning about writing and redading. Offers a number of tools and resources.

Online Education Help for Teachers

Teachers often need help when preparing lessons. Whether teaching Internet courses, or teaching in the “real” world, online education resources can be very helpful for teachers.

  1. The Open Classroom provides insight and information on online learning and teaching methods.
  2. Wicked Decent Learning offers tips and techniques for using technology and the Internet for more effective teaching.
  3. A Difference focuses on making changes to math education, providing a great online resource for teachers.
  4. Infocult contains information on trends in education and tips for teachers on how to implement learning strategies.
  5. Artichoke provides helpful information and insight education, and includes some great online tools for teachers.
  6. Cool Cat Teacher Blog offers information on how to use new tools and methods as a teacher.
  7. Teachers Teaching Teachers is a place where educators can meet online to share information, tools and methods.
  8. provides education technology tools and information, as well as resources for teachers.

Education Policy and News

Find out the latest goings on in education. These great blogs offer insight into education policy and news — including some of the latest happenings in online education.

  1. D-Ed Reckoning offers a look at instruction practices and education policy.
  2. Practical Theory looks at the way things are in classrooms and offers insight on how some education problems can be fixed.
  3. Change Agency focuses on reinventing education — including how it can be changed by the Internet and other technology.
  4. Education Intelligence Agency provides a look at different influences in education, including the impact of online education.
  5. Schools Matter looks at the issues that affect education policy. It even explores the purpose of schools and even suggests different alternatives.
  6. This Week in Education offers regular updates on what’s going on in the world of online, and offline, education.
  7. Eduwonk follows the latest education developments and provides commentary on policy.

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