Top 25 Off-Color College Rankings: Sex, Drugs and Rock N Roll

by Linda on July 02, 2009

Do you use college rankings such as The Princeton Review or Peterson’s to learn more about prospective colleges? If you have, you may have missed some significant rankings on the schools of your choice. Rankings that consider your dorm room, food, parties and more — in other words, your social life.

Considering that a college social life is as important as good grades, we offer a list of 25 off-color college rankings. Yes, this list addresses sex, drugs and rock n’ roll, but you also can find information about the food on campus as well as whether or not the weather will suit your lifestyle.

The following student ratings were gathered from The Princeton Review (PR) (you may need to register at PR to see their results linked below) and the (CP). The list is in no particular order, although we’ve tried to keep the “pros” and “cons” together.

  1. Best Beer Bashes: PR students rated DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana as the best college around for beer usage.
  2. No Beer Here: If you don’t like beer, then try Pepperdine University in Malibu, California or Brigham Young College in Utah. PR students rate these colleges low for beer usage.
  3. Pot is Hot: Students at PR ranked Bard College at Annandale-on-Hudson, New York, as the school to attend if you need the weed. CP adds Hamilton College in Clinton, New York for a hot pot spot.
  4. Pot is Not Hot: If you don’t want to inhale, try the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland for the least amount of pot usage according to PR. CP agrees, and also includes West Point Military Academy, which is located on a nearly 16,000-acre reservation about fifty miles north of New York City on the Hudson River.
  5. Party Hardy: Students at PR ranked the University of Florida as the party-hardy school for drugs and alcohol. CP adds ten other schools, including the University of Miami.
  6. Stone-Cold Sober: Brigham Young University in Utah rated the lowest for liquor and drug usage, according to PR. CP ranks four schools as low on this totem pole, including Dartmouth.
  7. Scotch, Not Beer: Hard liquor usage ranks high at Ohio University in Athens, according to PR.
  8. Soda, No Scotch: Once again, Brigham Young University ranks highest in lack of alcohol usage at PR.
  9. Widespread Sexual Discrimination: Students for PR ranked the University of Notre Dame in Indiana as the most sexually discriminatory campus against gays.
  10. Widespread Sexual Acceptance: Gay is good at Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts, according to PR.
  11. Be What You Want to Be: Pot smoker? Drug user? Vegetarian or gay? You might want to attend Warren Wilson College in Asheville, North Carolina, where, according to PR, anything goes.
  12. Get Your Bible On: If you’re a religious soul, you might want to attend Brigham Young University, rated highest for religiosity at PR.
  13. Leave the Bible at Home: Especially if you want to attend Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon. Students ranked this college high in the least religious students category for PR.
  14. Diverse Students Rule: For a diverse social and ethnic student population, according to PR rankings, you’ll want to check out Providence College in Rhode Island.
  15. Birds of a Feather: If you tend to flock to your own race and social class, pick Trinity College in Connecticut. According to PR, students experience very little socially diverse interaction at this college.
  16. Crappy Food: According to PR, Whitter College in California rates the least favorite among twenty colleges for their food. CP students would rather eat anywhere but Fordham University, Guilford College or the University of Illinois.
  17. Best Food: If you’re a culinary freak or if you have the munchies, then think about Wells College in Aurora, New York. Students at PR rated this college’s cuisine as top-notch. CP students prefer Boston University or Cornell University, among a few others.
  18. Happy, happy: We don’t know why these students are so happy, but Clemson University in South Carolina has nineteen other colleges beat hands down, according to PR.
  19. Emo Sad: If you’d prefer to hang with depressed classmates, consider The George Washington University in Washington, DC. According to PR, these students are not happy.
  20. Hottest Dorms: If you want to live like a king (or a queen), consider Loyola College in Maryland. Students here, according to PR, rate their dorms as palaces. CP ranks Harvard University, Loyola College in Maryland and Scripps College in Claremont, California as the hottest places to reside.
  21. Live in a Dump: If you’d prefer to live in a dump, try the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Students rate this college dorm as lowest on the PR totem pole. CP students ranked Hampton University, located in Hampton, Virginia, as the worst college dorms, hands down.
  22. Guys: CP ranks Texas A&M University and the University of Arizona as the best schools to find attractive, smart, friendly and engaging guys. Don’t expect to find the same at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, however.
  23. Gals: If you’re seeking a attractive, smart, friendly, and engaging girl on campus, CP suggests you try fourteen different colleges, from Arizona State University to Vanderbilt University. To balance this out, you have a CP choice of eight colleges where you’d better concentrate on your studies instead, including Beloit College and MIT.
  24. Beautiful Weather: College is depressing, so enjoy the weather at Pepperdine or anywhere in San Diego, California (like the University of San Diego), according to CP.
  25. Weather Sucks: If you need lousy weather to help concentrate on college studies, then CP suggests the University at Buffalo or the University of Notre Dame.

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