Top 100 College Football Blogs

by Linda on July 06, 2009

The college football season is just around the corner. After all, EA Sports’ NCAA Football ’10 comes out next week! Are you looking for a great college football blog to follow? Thousands of great college football blogs vie for your attention on the Web. But, we managed to narrow those numbers down to the top 100 college football blogs, categorized below.

We tried to avoid corporate or media blogs, concentrating instead on individually-owned blogs or blogs owned by groups of NCAA football fanatics and that are unaffiliated with any college or football team. We also narrowed down the pack by choosing those blogs that posted in late December 2008 and early 2009. This last criteria eliminated a lot of great blogs, but helped to narrow the field. Finally, we didn’t include all teams, simply because not every team carries an “unofficial” blog. So, we chose what we thought were the funniest, most obsessive or most unusual college football blogs on the Web now for your enjoyment.

Each blog is listed alphabetically by blog name under each category. With this methodology, we try to show that we don’t favor one college football blog over another. You might notice a proliferation of blogs under the SportsBlog Nation layout. We think this is a great idea, as SportsBlog Nation offers an easy-to-use blog format so the writers can concentrate on content. This, perhaps, is one reason why so many unofficial college football blogs are gaining attention. With that said, we are not affiliated with that Web site in any form.


The following blogs carry news and information on all college football teams, or teams by divisions or by geographical area.

  1. BCS Frenzy: Bowl Championship news brought to you by frenzied football fanatic, Allison Boyer. Follow all the college football teams on their quest to the BCS Championship.
  2. Broken Cowboy: This site is focused on sports views with “a West Coast bias.” You’ll discover interviews, great posts and a ton of linkage to all things West Coast.
  3. Busted Play: Find updates on a large number of college football teams here. Not the most informative blog, but a great way to stay on top of recent news about your team.
  4. College Football Blog: Another blog that brings college football news to the forefront. Few images, but it’s the words that count, right?
  5. College Football by the Numbers: This blog provides updated information on college football, some funny snide remarks, bowl results and hopes for a BCS makeover.
  6. College Football Guys: Visit this blog some of the funniest, most entertaining college football writing and podcasts on the Web!
  7. College Football News: Also known as “,” this site is very professional-looking, but it’s an unofficial and unaffiliated news source for college football. Easy on the eyes and just as easy to find information.
  8. College Football Place: Mitch is an avid football fan who happens to also posses the memory of an elephant. Mitch, who has written about college football for years, also is a die hard Miami Hurricanes fan who bleeds Orange and Green; but, he’s proven in the past he can be objective, so why should he stop now?
  9. College Football Resources: This blog has won a few awards, and you might see why when you visit. They have the best collection of college football links aroung, a popular blog, forums and more.
  10. College Football Talk: Sure, the site design is a bit outdated, but c’mon — how can you pass up the Rumor Mill? From their sermons to what’s wrong with college football to links that take the reader to daily articles on the Division I-A teams, this unofficial college football site eliminates editors and agendas, they don’t owe anyone anything and they don’t care.
  11. College Game Balls: is directed, produced, written and edited by me CGB. I’m a graduate of Virginia Tech (2005), but I’ll be covering all the college football world within these virtual walls. Aside from decadent blog posts is home to the biggest and best collection of signs from ESPN’s College GameDay.
  12. Fanblogs: Started in April 2003 by Kevin Donahue and Pete Holiday, is a group weblog dedicated to college football. This site is exciting — they cover every team, invite active participation from readers and provide a base for a true knowledge bowl.
  13. Football Fresh: This blog provides debatable material (good debates) in blog entries and articles and links to other blogs.
  14. Heisman Pundit: ESPN’s Bruce Feldman stated, “Always entertaining. He takes the Heisman more seriously than probably 99% of the Heisman voters themselves.” The pundit is Chris Huston, a former assistant sports information director at the University of Southern California where, among other things, he conceived and directed the successful Heisman campaigns of both Carson Palmer and Matt Leinart.
  15. In the Bleachers: This is another all-around college football site and podcast. What makes this site different is that it has won a few awards from peers.
  16. Smart Football: The site looks a little dated, but the information is totally up-to-date. Look for analysis, strategy and “details upon details.”
  17. Southern Pigskin: These bloggers love college football in general, but have a special place in their hearts for the ACC, SEC and Southern Conference.
  18. Statistically Speaking: This site might look like a Goth’s version of college football, but the information is good and current. Matt Melton pours on the strategy, just in case you need his perspective.
  19. The 323: Enjoy attitude, polls, and a perspective based upon the philosophy that “if you don’t want to fight, it’s impossible to win.”
  20. The ACC and SEC Blog: This blog includes coverage of the SEC and ACC from a “non-degenerate gambler’s perspective.”
  21. The Wiz of Odds: A very popular blog about college football “for winners.” This site is filled with all things college football, looks somewhat like a comic book and it’s filled with great writing.
  22. Unofficial BCS Fann Poll: Unofficial BCS Fan Poll believes that the fans should be involved in deciding what team is crowned national champion and the teams selected for the top bowls. Why are only the head coaches and selected sports journalists allowed to make this selection? There are several million fans that can and should be allowed to participate.


  1. ACC Football Report : Marcus brings “manic-depressive observations on Atlantic Coast Conference football,” which many people can relate to on many different levels.
  2. Block C: Block-C is run by Clemson graduates Chili (’06) and Willy Mac (’08). They focus on Clemson college football, happenings, news, and other information. This is an edgy blog, so if you want family-friendly Clemson coverage, go to Tigernet.
  3. Carolina March: Any site that has “Aye Zigga Zoomba Zoomba Zay” as its tagline has to be worth a second look. This North Carolina sports blog carries enough content to keep any Tarheels fan happy.
  4. Dave Sez: Sports fan and computer programmer, Dave, focuses on the ACC and regional sports, but any sport is fair game.
  5. Digital Headbutt: Digital Headbutt is the brainchild of Mike White, a graduate school journalism student in North Carolina. Although he’s a Tarheels’ fan, he also “is a card-carrying member of Red Sox Nation.” No real focus except all sports, all the time.
  6. Eagle in Atlanta: A Boston College sports blog capturing the highs and lows of being a BC fan living 1,000 miles from Chestnut Hill.
  7. Hall of Canes: No, this isn’t a home for old folks…it’s the blog for the ACC team Miami Hurricanes, by ‘Canes and for ‘Canes. This is a fairly new blog, so expect some action for the 2009 season.
  8. Oklahoma State Fansite: This is your typical “fansite” layout, but it’s great for those who want to seek different ‘unofficial’ perspectives on their teams. Oklahoma State is no different — everything you want to know about the Cowboys is right here.
  9. Scalp ‘Em: In its fourth incarnation, this Florida Seminoles blog averages 200,000 pageviews each month, and over 1500 unique visitors each day. Anything and everything you want to know about this team is covered here.
  10. Statefan’s Nation: The best of the best North Carolina State independent sports blogs. The Wolfpack crowd couldn’t ask for more.
  11. The Sabre: Also known as “The Good Ol’ Blog,” this site is not affiliated with the University of Virginia, so you can enjoy the rants, raves and general spot-on commentary by Rob Mahini without censure.
  12. Turtle Waxing: This Maryland alumnus, class of 1996 football fan waxes eloquently and unabashedly on the Terrapins.

Big East

  1. Best Big East College Football Blog Ever: JP Girouard is a software engineer by day, college football junkie by night. He has a small ego, big thoughts on Big East football.
  2. Big East Sports Blog: All things Big East including links, news and observations.
  3. Card Chronicle: There’s nothing as fanatical as a Louisville, Kentucky Cardinals’ fan. And, this blog reflects the colors, demeanor and downright slavish fan worship that you can see televised during any Card’s game. We dare you to be as obsessive about your team.
  4. Cincy Jungle: Get a dose of your unofficial observations on the Cincinnati Bengals here. This is a great resource for fan and player links, great writing and more.
  5. Orange 44: This is an out-of-the-box Syracuse University fan blog, slightly irreverent and totally supportive.
  6. Pitt Blather: All the links you’ll ever need to gain access to University of Pittsburgh sites. Oh yes — and great commentary, too.
  7. The House Rock Built: Enjoy podcasts, commentary, rants and more from these Notre Dame fans.
  8. Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician: This site is a college football site amongst college football sites. great writing, stirring commentary and a Syracuse blessing.
  9. West By God Virginia: Three guys wanted to start their own blog about WVU and the Mountaineers, “gratuitous pictures of hot chicks, unneeded cursing, and verbally (and pictorially) killing our opponents’ players, coaches, and fans.” They’ve succeeded with the help of their readers. You might want to visit The Smoking Musket as well, where the mottos is, “West By God, Vulgar By Choice.”

Big Ten Blogs

One of the most popular Big Ten blogs around is one that belongs to a Michigan fan, the MGoBlog. But, Michigan is filled with great blogs, so we added a few more below. Iowa, Ohio, Indiana and Penn State, among others, also made the cut.

  1. Black Heart, Gold Pants: Spencer Hall from The Sporting News states that this blog is a “strange journey of Iowa football through the Kirk Ferentz era — and the equally strange collection of dialogs, third-grade quality Microsoft Paint art, and outright dementia that is Black Heart Gold Pants.”
  2. Black Shoe Diaries: This blog has won a “Best Big Ten Blog” award, and that isn’t surprising. Penn State Nittany Lions fans can be proud.
  3. Boiled Sports: Purdue must focus on sports in person or education, as this was the best of the best found on that college’s sports. That said, the writers are realistic and the news is up-to-date. And, to pass the grade, the site is a bit irreverent.
  4. Buckeye Commentary: Ohio actually carries several great blogs (see also Men of the Scarlet and Gray and Eleven Warriors below), so the Buckeyes have an overdose of great commentary, news and linkage.
  5. Eleven Warriors: Three grown men break down and share their insights on sports — particularly Ohio State athletics, but with an eye toward Buckeye.
  6. Ground Zero East Lansing: Ground Zero East Lansing (G0EL) is a blog dedicated to Michigan State Sporting events, and “does not in any way condone or advocate burning East Lansing to the ground, no matter how flammable that couch looks on your porch.” If you want even more Spartans action, visit the Spartans Weblog.
  7. Illinitalk: Billed as “the only comprehensive Illini sports blog on the web,” and they’re spot on. Great commentary, good links and a great place to participate if you’re an Illinois fan.
  8. Lake the Posts: Northwestern fans chillin’ in Illinois can find warm comfort in this blog. The writers crave tips, truths and taunts, so take them on to see what happens.
  9. Maize and Blue Nation: Here’s a great blog for Michigan Wolverines, along with links to other Big 10 blogs, stats and more. Or, you can switch between Maize and Blue to Maize and Brew, another Michigan blog.
  10. The Daily Gopher: This is your Minnesota Golden Gophers football site, but you can catch hockey and basketball here as well. Yes, they have it all, including extensive links to more Big Ten bloggers.
  11. The Hoosier Report: Want unofficial Hoosier news, reports and information straight from Indiana? This is where you can find it.
  12. The Rivalry, Esq.: Big Ten news, all around commentary, quick pics and videos and a few pokes at rivals just to rile them up. What more could a Big Ten fan hope for?
  13. Zombie Nation: Penn State commentary from Mike Pettigano, a graduate from Penn State in 2006 with a B.A. in Journalism. He founded this blog in May 2007 as a Penn State football blog. It is dedicated to “(somewhat) ethical journalism/blogging, and will do everything possible to provide solid analysis, un(sort of)biased opinion, and uphold a commitment to honor the Penn State football tradition.” Expect some potshots, too.

Big 12 Blogs

  1. Baylor Fansite: This Baylor college football site has lists of blogs, link and news that would sate any Baylor fan. While this page acts more as a directory to Baylor information, it still remains unofficial.
  2. Big Red Network: This site is great — a group of guys got together and created a site for the Nebraska Cornhuskers just because they could. It’s very professional, smart, witty and readers get a dose of Husker football every day, as “there is no off season” at this site.
  3. Bring on The Cats: Kansas State Wildcat fans have a home with this college football and sports blog. This is an active site with some fascinating information about the team and Big 12 rivals.
  4. is an independent publication and is not affiliated with the Colorado Athletic Department or University of Colorado. So, opinions expressed on this site are the opinions of true-blue Buffaloes’ fans.
  5. Burnt Orange Nation: Get your Texas on with this Big 12 blog. Enjoy commentary, recaps and more as you interact with other Burnt Orange fans.
  6. Clone Chronicles: Previously known as the CrossCyed blog, this site focuses on the Iowa State Cyclones.
  7. Crimson and Cream Machine: A site for Oklahoma Sooner fans by Sooner fans. Enjoy fan posts, photos, archives, stats and news.
  8. Double T Nation: Texas Tech Red Raiders fans can get their Double-T’s on with this blog by and for Red Raider fans.
  9. Double Extra Point: A little Nebraska humor along with interesting blog entries, stats and plenty of links. Good site to bookmark, and we had to add it even though the Huskers already have a note here.
  10. Husker Mike’s Blasphemy: Husker Mike has been a life-long Husker fan, totally obsessed with University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Omaha football. You also can find his commentary at Corn Nation.
  11. I am the 12th Man: The 12th Man has been elusive lately, as he left his previous landmark site for a home at SportsBlog Nation. But, he’s back with commentary, news, and award-winning observations on the Texas Aggies.
  12. Longhorn Nation: We couldn’t stay away from this site after we read that it was a combination of “MySpace meets Facebook meets Rivals message board for Texas fans.” This site is fun simply because it’s all over the place.
  13. Mizzourah: A sleeper site that is gaining attention, this Missouri site is gaining momentum. Enjoy polls, speculation, great linkage and awesome images.
  14. Phog Blog: Kentucky University fans line up for this blog, where Mark provides his perspective on Wildcat successes and failures.
  15. Rock Chalk Talk: Jayhawks fans can rock it, chalk it and talk it at this site for this Kansas team. As with many other SportsBlog Nation sites, the concentration is on content.


  1. And the Valley Shook: An unofficial Louisiana State University athletics blog with a great following. Football lives on, even in January and beyond!
  2. Conquer And Prevail: Conquer and Prevail is run by Vanderbilt senior Jarred Amato, formerly of The Sports VU, and the rest of his semi-respectable crew. Commodore fans can expect the same great commentary in a new blog format.
  3. Deep South Sports: Ah, he’s only one man, but Erik does a bang-up job of carrying on about SEC college football teams and anything to do with those teams.
  4. Every Day Should be Saturday: Heavy on the SEC, humor and stats, this site is a must for any SEC fan.
  5. Garnet And Black Attack: The South Carolina Gamecock teams should thank the folks behind this unofficial blog for their work, commentary, linkage and stats. Just saying.
  6. Hey Jenny Slater: By day, Doug Gillete is a “mild-mannered, latte-swilling pinko liberal.” He then dons his red #4 jersey and becomes the “drunk, obnoxious Georgia fan memorialized in song.” Want Bulldog humor? You got it. He’s won a few awards for the funniest college football blog around.
  7. Insomniac’s Lounge : This guy can’t sleep for his obsession over SEC teams and beautiful women. Stay up and tune in.
  8. Losers With Socks: This blog is a favorite across the board, even if you’re not a Tennessee fan. The writers specialize in content, commentary and comedy about the Tennessee Volunteers and their SEC rivals. They constantly seek “satirical” writers.
  9. Razorback Expats: Two Arkansas expatriates examine Razorback sports from the outside-in. John and Stephen are true Razorback fanatics.
  10. Roll ‘Bama Roll: Alabama fans can get their humor, ‘Bama facts and a perspective knocked around a bit by the delirium surrounding this “Champagne of Bama Blogs.”
  11. Saurian Sagacity: In the old days, long before Urban Meyer roamed the sidelines at The Swamp, “even before Steve Spurrier was slinging touchdowns and kicking game-winning field goals,” some sports writers gave the University of Florida’s football team a long-forgotten nickname: the Saurians. Today, two Florida alums pay tribute to those scribes of old as they enjoy the present and look toward the future of the Gators.
  12. SEC Football: This blog covers all the SEC teams with great commentary, forums and videos.
  13. Third Saturday in Blogtober: We had to include this blog, as it’s an odd one — a couple of Alabama Crimson Tiders teamed up with a Volunteer or two from Tennessee to build this SEC-heavy blog. Their tagline? “Rivalry has its mail sent here.”
  14. Track Em Tigers: Auburn‘s Tiger fans are all over this blog, where Jay Coulter leads the pack on commentary about football and all other sports at this Alabama school.


  1. Addicted to Quack: Is Oregon special? You betcha. At least, the writers of this college football blog think so, as they’re addicted to the Ducks — or at least to Duck noise.
  2. Bruins Nation: “Blog Of The Bruins, By The Bruins, For The Bruins.” We don’t need to say much more other than to point you to their true love for UCLA sports.
  3. Building the Dam: Oregon State Beavers have SC’s number, and they’re “not giving it to you.” Despite that slight, you can enjoy a site by Beaver fans for Beaver fans.
  4. California Golden Blogs: California‘s Golden Bears bring it on, with “ethos,” of course. This Cal fan blog is substantial.
  5. CougCenter: This blog’s writers believe they have 28-for-28 in funny blog taglines. In the process of searching for those taglines, you might find a ton of great writing, cocky attitude and great resources for the Washington Cougars.
  6. House of Sparky: At the end of college football season, many college football sites will turn to basketball to stay alive and well. House of Sparky has done just that this month for the Arizona State Sun Devils.
  7. UW Dawg Pound: Washington Husky sports fans are treated to John Berkowitz’s perspectives as he writes about University of Washington and Pac Ten Sports daily during the Football and Basketball Season. Yes, he’s a professional journalist, but the UW blog carries its own weight.

Non-BCS Blogs

These sites belong to college football teams that aren’t part of the Bowl Championship Series.

  1. Block U: This blog is home to the 2008 College Football National Champion Utah Utes. The blog is filled with polls, comments, photos and more.
  2. Hawai’i Football Fan Blog: The fight might be on the college football field, but it appears that this Hawaiian blog might find the fight just about anywhere — even between cats and dogs. Have fun with the humor and with the facts, stats and opinions.
  3. Rakes of Mallow: Notre Dame fans, get your rakes on with this award-winning independent Fighting Irish blog. If you want stats, schedules, great writing, edgy shots and photos, this blog has it for you.
  4. Sea of Blue: Discerning Kentucky Wildcats fans can tune into this independent blog to catch the latest on football and other sports at this school. If you didn’t think a small school could have a big site on their sports, you’re dead wrong. Go see.
  5. Temple Football Forever: This is an independent fan site with no connection to Temple football other than an “intense, borderline fanatical, desire to see the Owls win every game they play.” This site has won a few awards for content, so don’t miss it.
  6. The Birddog: You might learn something about Naval Academy football just by reading the “about” section. Hecklers extraordinaire, this blog’s writers are intelligent, funny and offer a great service to Birddog fans.
  7. The Mountain West Conference Connection: Voted the “Best Non-BCS Blog” by the CFB Awards, this site brings the Mountain West Conference to your desktop or laptop with news, opinion and great writing.
  8. UHND Blog: UHND is the Unofficial Home of Notre Dame football. Go Irish!

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